Gary Galbraith
Director P. 07 3399 3444 M. 0411696919

Gary has been the Principal of this office for over 30 years and owns several investment properties in the area which are all Managed by River City Property Sales ‘N’ Management. As a Landlord, Gary receives the same paramount treatment that you will come to expect. As a Builder, Gary is available for staff and Landlords to obtain a second opinion in regards to maintenance or renovations. Gary takes pride in being a “hands on” Principal working with a thriving, expert team.

Hami Hikaiti
Property Management P. 0733993444 M. 0411277308

Hami has 23 years’ experience in running a real estate business, from sales to property management to office management. “As an investor myself, I know what to expect from people. This valuable knowledge helps me learn how to deal with everyday people from tradesman to tenants to landlords. Everybody’s needs and wants are different & I have to be adaptable to every situation. My skills in dealing with tenants are that of empathy when needed, and
thick-skinned the remainder of time. At the end of the day it’s all about providing a service, to get returns on an investment, and achieve capital growth.”