Licensee in Charge


Gary Galbraith License No: 150 24 54

This position carries the responsibility of ensuring the overall management of the office results in compliance with all lawful requirements associated with real estate practice, and trust accounting

We are successfully audited 4 times a year and over the last 25 to 30 years our trust accounting has been 100% accurate.

Sales Manager

Gary’s roll is a hands on position and oversees all aspects of the business, having a hands on roll he is up to speed on sales and property management

The sales manager will be responsible for planning, leading and controlling the sales department in order to achieve forecast sales targets as may be set by management from time to time

Sales Consultant

You will be responsible for listing and selling residential, commercial and industrial properties in your district in order to achieve your sales targets.

Sales Support

In this position Chris is responsible for providing administrative support and assistance to the sales team, Answering phone calls and enquirers, Making sure buyer’s meet there responsibilities for there time frame such as Building and pest inspection, finance due dates, and booking pre settlement inspections. Putting together Sales Presentations, and help market research.

Property Manager

In this position you will be accountable for the overall management of residential, industrial and commercial properties on behalf of and, to the satisfaction of, the owner and the tenant.

Hami Has over 15 years experience in the Real Estate Business from sales to owner manage and now property management, he has been trained by one of brisbane’s leading property manager ‘ Yvette Baker’ who still plays and an active roll within this business.

Property Officer

You are responsible for assisting the Property Manager with the management and maintenance of residential, industrial and commercial properties to the satisfaction of the owner and the tenant.

Admin Assistant

In this position you will have mixed responsibilities which relate to both general office administration, including receptionist duties and assistance in the management of properties on behalf of owners.


Your role is to undertake telephonist duties as well as provide administrative support for our real estate practice in a professional and efficient manner, which will reflect and protect our reputation in the real estate industry.

Public Relations / Marketing Manager

In this position you will be accountable for the overall management of all aspects regarding Public Relations and Marketing within this real estate office.